DFW in LAX: Or, the Story of How I got onto the Court of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

So, the last few weeks were a bit tough, but this last weekend, which I am still recovering from, was amazing. So amazing I lost my voice! Happy Valentine's Day! My lady knew I had to be in LA this weekend, and the only flight that worked was on Valentine's day. Whatta lady I got! I fly out early Wednesday. I get to my cousin's house, and he leaves to SF for work. My brother is busy working. He tells me about the  Bird Scooters . Have y'all seen these?? They are everywhere, and super easy to use! Lots of fun zipping around the area on one of these, and they will even give you a helmet! So, I end up chilling solo in Santa Monica. And, that is no problem! I realized, I can talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. I end up meeting a South African dude, and his buddies. He works in Animation, and did some of the work on some kids movie about snow that was famous... you know the one. We end up exchanging Linkedin information, and cracking jokes. They leave

1st Post on my new blog!

Hi there!

I am Zeshan N. Segal. Everyone calls me Zee (including my mom and pops!) Feel free to hit me up. I am a new blogger.

Things I am totes into rn:
  • I am Down For Whatever in DFW
  • Technology
  • Biomimicry
  • EdTech
  • Hiking, camping and the outdoors
  • Skiing
  • Cold Texas rivers on hot summer days
  • Miller Lite or a good bitter IPA (Story on the drastic choices)
  • Networking
  • Influencers
  • Being Disruptive 
    • In my life
    • In others
    • In the world
  • Giving Back 
  • Board of Directors for Artstillery.org
  • Music, music, music
  • Patio Drinking
  • Deep Ellum and Oak Cliff
The reason I started this blog is that I want others to know about cool stuff going on in the metroplex. Hence the #DFWintheDFW

For example, tonight, I am going to: Social Night at Barista Ventures. It's a poker night within the Tech Industry. Looking forward to my first time out there!

Tomorrow I am heading to WHIR at the House of Blues. It seems cool, and this rad Russkie introduced me to the event last week. 

Last week, I volunteered at TechWeekDFW and ArtCon13, and then headed to NOLA for the weekend. Giving back to the city, and sharing some of the gems are some of my favorite things to do.

Anyway, that's today's first blog post. I will always post things I am going to around here, and let you know how to sign-up or get in, if it's open. Let me know what you're into, and I can post about other things going on in the area.

#DFWinDFW #DownForWhateverInTheDFDub #DownForWhateverInTheDFW ##DownForWhateverDFW


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