DFW in LAX: Or, the Story of How I got onto the Court of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

So, the last few weeks were a bit tough, but this last weekend, which I am still recovering from, was amazing. So amazing I lost my voice! Happy Valentine's Day! My lady knew I had to be in LA this weekend, and the only flight that worked was on Valentine's day. Whatta lady I got! I fly out early Wednesday. I get to my cousin's house, and he leaves to SF for work. My brother is busy working. He tells me about the Bird Scooters. Have y'all seen these?? They are everywhere, and super easy to use! Lots of fun zipping around the area on one of these, and they will even give you a helmet! So, I end up chilling solo in Santa Monica. And, that is no problem! I realized, I can talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. I end up meeting a South African dude, and his buddies. He works in Animation, and did some of the work on some kids movie about snow that was famous... you know the one. We end up exchanging Linkedin information, and cracking jokes. They leave and send me to the…

This Week in the DFDub

Hey there! This week the DFW Metroplex has some great stuff going on! TECH: #BigDOCC - Talk tech, startups, and digital lifestyle for an hour!
Plus free breakfast tacos (they say burritos, but we are in Texas - it's a taco) and coffee!
#BigDOCC are every Tuesday AM. There are 8 other Coffee Clubs in the DFW area if this one is too far away to join.
DATE: February 6, 2018 - 8am to 9am Dallas New Tech is hosting a Fireside Chat with Matt Alexander.
#FindYourCommunity at DFW's longest running monthly showcase event for new companies and technologies in North Texas.
DATE: February 6, 2018 - 6pm to 8:30pm Dallas Innovation Alliance - DIA STEM Committee Meeting is focused on cultivating partnerships within the local STEM community.
DATE: February 7, 2018 - 6pm to 7pm Overcoming Challenges, Adversity, and Obstacles hosted by Refresh Dallas - "...focusing on a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical and professional aspects of new media endeavors i…

This Week With Zee in the Dee Eff Dub

Hey hey!

So, this week is a little crazy. I had my family in town this weekend, and I was sick! It's crazy to see how much the flu has affected the United States this season.

Other than being sick, I have been following cryptocurrency news pretty regularly. I have a few, of the top 25 coins that I am invested in. I haven't invested my lifesavings. I haven't started trading and going crazy with it, either. I have invested the amount of money I am comfortable with, and try do do so with some regularity.

I believe now is a good time to buy, and that for this next year, crypto coins will do really well. By the end of the year, I predict that the coins will settle out, and we should have some true winners in the market.

I plan to leave the market by November, at the latest, wait for the 2018 end of year drop, watch the markets, news, etc. and determine my 2019 plans.

That's just me though! You should figure out what works for you.

Speaking of you, here are some things in t…

This Week in DFW

Hey hey!

This is my 3rd post! I am trying to make sure to post, AT LEAST, once a week. And, today is Monday, so I might as well jump in.

I have a bunch of stuff going on this week. DFW is full of surprises sometimes :)

Technology Events: 

The Dallas Innovation Alliance is opening the doors to it's Living Lab tomorrow, Jan. 23rd from 6-9p! The event is FREE!

The description from the EventBrite Invitation:"...Phase II of the DIA Smart Cities Living Lab powered by AT&T, learn about the new technologies, results to-date from projects in motion, and what is coming next. Finally, enjoy some great conversations and refreshments! Some surprises to come...1. Get the innovation vision from the City including City Manager TC Broadnax and D14's own Philip T. Kingston for Dallas!2. Check out the vision for the West End and new Living Lab projects!3. Hear some of the amazing results so far from the pilot!4. Meet our new amazing partner for Phase II initiatives in Southern Dallas!5. …
Happy New Year y'all!

In the last 2 months I have been in Philly, New Orleans, and running around Thailand and Texas. It's been busy. But, now here I am, back at the keyboard. Trying to build this out.

A few of things I am looking forward to in the new year:
Spending more time with my lady! New career pathWorking with my non-profits and volunteering in the DownForWhateverI registered, and will attend the Dallas ISD 2018 STEM Expo (Free!) on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 from 9am-3pm. I am really interested in the convergence of tech and education. Looking to network and see where the space is heading.Highland Park High School is putting this on, but I may go, if I can find someone to go with me: Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 at 4pm.
I think I might have some feedback for students I wish I had known earlier in life. So, if I do go, the idea is share my experiences with anxiety, and provide support to the community. But, I think it would be weird if I we…

1st Post on my new blog!

Hi there!

I am Zeshan N. Segal. Everyone calls me Zee (including my mom and pops!) Feel free to hit me up. I am a new blogger.

Things I am totes into rn:
I am Down For Whatever in DFWTechnologyBiomimicryEdTechHiking, camping and the outdoorsSkiingCold Texas rivers on hot summer daysMiller Lite or a good bitter IPA (Story on the drastic choices)NetworkingInfluencersBeing Disruptive In my lifeIn othersIn the worldGiving Back Board of Directors for Artstillery.orgMusic, music, musicPatio DrinkingDeep Ellum and Oak CliffThe reason I started this blog is that I want others to know about cool stuff going on in the metroplex. Hence the #DFWintheDFW

For example, tonight, I am going to: Social Night at Barista Ventures. It's a poker night within the Tech Industry. Looking forward to my first time out there!

Tomorrow I am heading to WHIR at the House of Blues. It seems cool, and this rad Russkie introduced me to the event last week. 
Last week, I volunteered at TechWeekDFW and ArtCon13, and th…

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This Week in DFW

1st Post on my new blog!

DFW in LAX: Or, the Story of How I got onto the Court of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game